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Action Plans and Reports

The National Children’s Center keeps stakeholders informed through a variety of reports. These include year-end summaries of Center activities as well as reports on special projects.

  • National Action Plans
    • The 2012 Blueprint for Protecting Children in Agriculture (PDF 7MB) This National Action Plan takes an updated look at preventing childhood agricultural injury and death.

      2012 Blueprint

      The Blueprint endeavor builds upon the 1996 plan that launched a national initiative leading to a remarkable reduction in nonfatal injuries among children who live on, visit and work onfarms. The 2012 Blueprint re-sets priorities to reflect changes in agricultural production and worker profiles. The Blueprint is a product of input from the general public as well as leading researchers in childhood agricultural safety and health. Draft versions of goals and strategies were critiqued by nearly 100 stakeholders, and then posted online to solicit further public input.

      The 38-page report emphasizes the need for:
      • Affordable, accessible and high quality child care options for farm families and hired farm workers.
      • Increased involvement of employers, farm organizations and agribusinesses in creating a culture of safety.
      • Improved injury and fatality data collection with inclusion of underserved populations such as Anabaptists and seasonal workers.
      • Increased attention to reaching young farm parents and teen workers via social media outlets.

    • 2001 Summit on Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention (PDF 800KB) An outgrowth of the 1996 National Action Plan, this effort produced goals and recommendations using working and non-working children as points of reference.
    • 2001 Migrant and Seasonal Hired Adolescent Farmworkers: A Plan to Improve Working Conditions (PDF 2MB) Recommendations for research and intervention actions to prevent occupational injuries and disease among hired adolescent farmworkers.
    • 1996 National Action Plan - Children and Agriculture: Opportunities for Safety and Health (PDF 3MB) Endorsed by Congress, this document provided the blueprint for comprehensive national childhood agricultural injury prevention efforts.
  • 2013 National Children's Center Year End Report (252 KB PDF) This report summarizes NCCRAHS activities during fiscal year 2013.
  • 2004 Benchmarking Report (PDF 327KB) This report conveys results from a 2004 survey of the National Council of Agricultural Employers and the Washington Growers League. This report describes the reasons why (or why not) adolescents are hired in agriculture; and safety practices for those adolescents.
  • NCCRAHS Resources For additional online fact sheets, documents and links related to childhood agricultural injury prevention and rural youth safety.
  • Year in Review Reports
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