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Pediatric Residency Program

Evaluation - An Integral Part of Learning

We believe that frequent evaluations of residents, teaching faculty and the program as a whole are helpful in ensuring an excellent educational experience.

You will have monthly evaluations of your performance for each rotation. Attendings are required to give mid-rotation formative feedback as well and are always available for consultation regarding progress or concerns.

Quarterly or biannual evaluations include an individual meeting with the Program Director to review your progress and give you feedback. A 360-degree evaluation is conducted at least biannually, which helps you understand how other members of the health care team, your peers, and your patients perceive you. In addition, you will actively participate in your own Individualized Learning Plan. Over the three years of your residency, you will create your own professional portfolio summarizing all your activities that will serve you well when applying for a job or fellowship.

You will have a faculty mentor who helps make sure you have a satisfying and productive residency experience. Your faculty mentor also provides support such as assistance in developing a research idea, dealing with the stress of residency, improving medical knowledge and providing assistance in career counseling.

We actively work with you to identify any areas that need improvement and help craft an individualized plan for professional growth. Our goal is to make you confident, competent and successful by the end of your training at Marshfield Clinic-Saint Joseph's Hospital.

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