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Projects & Products

Partnerships are at the heart of the National Children’s Center’s key projects. The Center engages in specific interventions with agribusiness, media, insurers and major farm organizations to protect children at work and at play. A fact sheet summarizes the National Children's Center and its projects for 2008-2013.

Action Plans and Reports is a page listing the publications developed by the National Children’s Center to inform stakeholders of Center activities as well as reports on special projects.

Nurture is the newsletter of the National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety, published to disseminate children's rural health and safety information to professionals in the fields of health and safety, agri-business, policy-making and the media.

Mini-Grants is a program to support feasibility and pilot projects in the outreach, prevention/intervention, education, and research areas by providing short-term funding.

Safe Play is a project that provides the first comprehensive guidelines for designing and building an outdoor safe play area on a farm. A new research project, Motivating Farm Parents to Create Safe Play Areas on Farms: A Randomized Controlled Trial, is being lead by Eileen Fisher and Marizen Ramirez from the University of Iowa and Risto Rautiainen from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. This project is a randomized controlled trial among three groups to evaluate the effectiveness of specific interventions to motivate parents to build safe play areas.

Safety Guidelines for Hired Adolescent Farmworkers is a project to reduce the incidence of workplace injury and fatality to hired adolescent farm workers, through the development and distribution of user-friendly safety resources. A new intervention project, Integrating Safety Guidelines for Hired Adolescent Farm Workers into Field Supervisors' Practices, is being lead by Children’s Center director Barbara Lee. This project will test a new method for conducting training among field supervisors in production agriculture.

Economics of Youth Farm Labor and Farm Injuries is a research project lead by Ed Zaloshnja of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation which will explore the economics of youth working on family farms and the economic consequences of farm youth injury.

Previously Funded Projects

Many projects and products previously funded through the National Children’s Center continue to be made available:

Agritourism is a project to develop health and safety guidelines specific to children for farmers involved in agritourism.

Journalist's Workshop is an annual workshop for designed to build a cadre of journalists who understand the broad scope – and preventability -- of childhood agricultural injury.

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