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Finally, some good news about health care.

You don’t have to choose between world-class health care solutions and cost-effective delivery. Marshfield Clinic offers you both.

We’re a documented leader in providing quality care while reducing costs and we can provide you and your employees the best possible health care through cost-effective delivery.

Healthy outcomes for your bottom line

The rising cost of health care clamors for attention everywhere, from Washington D.C. to your desk.

But while politicians talk, you’re the one paying the bills – and your employees pay the price.

It’s easy to feel helpless, but blaming the system won’t get you any closer to a solution.

Working with Marshfield Clinic is the solution. Why? We believe managing health care costs begins with managing your health and staying healthy. That’s something we’ve done with excellence for close to 100 years.

Did you know…?

For two years in a row, Marshfield Clinic’s efforts in delivering quality and cost effective care have been recognized by Medicare (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) as part of a national demonstration project with a goal of improving efficiency while improving the quality of care. Read the full quality story here.

Marshfield Clinic applies interventions and care processes to all of our patients – not just those covered by Medicare. Research supports that the clinical experiences of Medicare enrollees is a reliable predictor of the experiences of the non-Medicare population.

Marshfield Clinic can offer your employees pro-active health care, aimed at keeping people healthy, managing chronic health problems and effective treatment of work-related injuries. Our approach can help you reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.

The Value Equation

The value equation

Marshfield Clinic’s Value Equation assures our patients the best return on their health care dollars.

With some goods and services, you can measure value by cost alone. But health care is not something you want to leave to the lowest possible bidder. In fact, “cheaper” could wind up costing you more. As with your business, Value is a function of Quality and Cost. At Marshfield Clinic, we measure and work to improve every aspect of that equation.

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